Spilled Blood?

In our efforts to sing scriptural songs, it is not uncommon for hymnal editors, preachers and other concerned singers to contemplate the specific meaning of words as they appear in the songs that are being sung. Since we have a fluid English language, words change meaning over time, and sometimes even overnight. There are also regional and national variations in the meaning of words (such as the contradictory meanings of “table” as a verb in parliamentary procedure).Thus it is that we have words that appear in hymns which are questioned as conveying something “unscriptural” when there may be a perfectly valid reason for the word’s use in that situation. Continue reading

The Father Turns His Face Away

In our examination of scriptural lyrics, I want to turn our attention to specific examples of lyrics sung by God’s people and consider their scriptural basis (or lack thereof). Our first example is Stuart Townend’s “How Deep the Father’s Love.”  Continue reading